Satellite Constellations

Recently satellite services has become an important ingredient in a wide range sectors of Türkiye’s and Global economy. Over the years LEO satellites have been getting smaller and instead having an expensive satellite with a complicated mission requirement, constellations made out of small, cost effective satellites are currently being preferred. Fergani Space is developing a constellation of micro satellites based on this new approach.

Fergani Space is intent to become a world leading space company  through the in-house development of new age satellites based on its existing advanced hardware, software and manufacturing technologies.

Fergani constellation is going to provide technological solutions for marine , aviation, IOT, weather, logistics and enterprise market applications.

Fergani’s 100 kg class micro satellite platforms will operate at an altitude range of 500-600 km. These satellites will provide communication and positioning services and will be operating in the Ku, Ka, S and L bands for global coverage.

At the same time, accurate positional information of the satellites, their control and communication will be handled using the ground facilities that will be developed by Fergani Space.