Space Tug

As a result of the New Space approach and significantly reduced launch costs, the number of satellites operating in space has been increasing dramatically, leading to an ever growing requirement to conduct in-space orbital transfers.

Cost effective launch systems are designed to place a very large mass of satellites to a spesific earth orbit. Most of the time, the target of the primary customer and the secondary payloads are different. Thus any customer either has to wait for a suitable launch that will take its satellite as a secondary payload  close to its desired orbit, which might take a very long time, or will have to go as a primary customer which will result in a  significantly increased launch cost.  Either way time loss or monetary cost will be detremental to the business of the satellite company.

Fergani’s unique cost effective space tug solution will transfer the secondary payload to the desired orbit mitigating the adverse afromentioned operational issues associated with the launch service.

The in-space logistical capabilities that are offered by Fergani’s space tug will lead to substantial competition advantage to satellite operators that are conducting business in the inherently difficult space envoirement.

Fergani’s space tug system will improve the operational capability of the satellites by giving them the ability to change their energy state as they operate in space.

In short, Fergani’s high technology cost effective space tug solution will be critical  in improving the efficiency of a  satellite system throughout its life-cycle, from orbital insertion to the final maneviour to the grave yard orbit.